Fiber You Were Made Of.

Tell me the fiber you are made of-

Fiber stitched with strength

Blue cardigans made of copper

Yarn fashioned with iron rod

The faith of the last thread holding,

Tying together the divisive parts-

What kind of fiber can face this?

Is the cap on your head knit with courage,

Are the small hairs welded with fire-

Decade of soldering you faced.

Only this maternal cloth can bond the broken

The faith of the last thread holding,

Fighting for fusion wired between

Sewn for seventy-eight short breaths here.

Last thread connecting you to eternal

What kind of fiber does he hold?

9 years old as he tenderly stroked

Tears running along the hem of his face

Fighting for fusion against sharp breaths-

I now know the fiber she was made of.

A fiber that buttons the mouth of the enemy

Stitched with streets of gold-

Woven in the malleable fabric forever.


To the women in this photo, what strength and courage of conviction you each hold. To Nonna, your fiber was stronger than gold. 1935-2013


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