Golden Buzzer Moment

Have you ever watched America’s Got Talent and found yourself getting weirdly emotional? More importantly, have you ever watched Golden Buzzer moments on Youtube and found yourself uncontrollably sobbing?

If so, then I am right there with you.

There is something about these videos, you guys! They target emotional people like me. And apparently my roommate. We cry every time. It’s worse than those Budweiser puppy commercials that will break a grown man down in 30 seconds. You know the ones.

Each Golden Buzzer moment goes something like this-

The contestant is seen with feel-good music, and occasionally a story that moves you from the start. Next, you see their family and watch as they bravely walk on stage.

The unexpected contestant, the beauty out of despair or a bold voice from a small body happens and blows away the judges.

A standing ovation. Judges began to share what they are thinking and critiquing the performance. Then comes the GBM. The Golden Buzzer Moment.

Slow motion.

Change in music.

Hand of a judge smacking The Golden Buzzer.

Gold confetti explodes from the sky.

& a reaction that will make your heart burst from the pure, unadulterated joy. 

It. Is. Magic.

It’s a moment we should all get to experience once and every day all at the same time. To live that sort of loved and to love others with that kind of celebration. Finding ways to highlight the gifts of our people like we smacked a golden buzzer just for them.

What if we championed the ones around us like this? Where our friends saw what their talent does for the world. Their gift that brought everyone to their feet. Their gift that made heaven and earth slow down. Their gift that changes the tune, shifts the atmosphere, brings unending cheer.

What if we exploded gold confetti on others in the way we lift them up? The way we speak and act towards one another.

“I want to live every day like it’s my golden buzzer moment.”-Emily Fetterman, 2019

I want to live every day knowing I am fully loved and cherished by a God who intricately designed me with purpose and passion.  And even more, to live life cheering one another with gold confetti, tears, and the roar of a crowd going wild.

How God cheers wildly for us when we live as we have been created to live. Created to live life to the absolute full. How heaven cheers, too.

Live each day like it’s your Golden Buzzer moment.


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