Flat Tires & Dear Friends.

I’m currently sitting in the “lobby” of Goodyear while the employees take a look at my very flat tire, so I could use some positivity in my life right now. And prayers. All of them.

They have FoxNews playing which just makes me think of my Nonno, and the many times I wanted to watch cartoons growing up and was forced to watch the news instead. Here we are.

Anyways, most of you know 8th graders are the people I choose to hang with. And typically I am a major fan of them. They are weird, quirky, smart, and goofy in all the best ways.

1200They are also goofy in the worst ways and they get *spring fever* where all logic is thrown out the car window and hormones take over the wheel. I use phrases like “leave the dirty jokes at the door” and “hit the pits twice” meaning make sure to put deodorant on your smelly selves.

It’s a glorious time.

In that strife, there are nuggets of goodness.

I walked into lunch and a group of boys were having a very serious conversation that I absolutely could not get over. The one boy kept asking his friend what was going on this week and why he was acting differently. He asked him, “What’s going on this week? You are getting in trouble at home and I think it’s my fault. Ever since you have been friends with us and this week. I’m a bad influence on you.”

It was just pure. The genuine concern and really wanting to know what was going on his friend’s life while also having the self-reflection to see if it was him. This kid is not a bad influence, he’s a good friend and person, but to see how much he was worried absolutely moved me.

Then, while working on projects I sat with two girls and a boy. The girl was telling the other two how boring life was and she needed something exciting to happen.

They replied, “Maybe you need mint chocolate frappucino from Starbucks!” “Go with me!” And offering at least ten more solutions to the pressing problem of boredom. I said to her, “What good friends you have to care about you so much?” She agreed.

I asked a student if he was going to the track invitational and he said, “No, I am not going. I don’t run, I throw because I’m fat and lazy.”

His friend without hesitation said, “No, you are a thrower and that’s what you’re good at. That has nothing to do with you.”

He just looked up, they did a small handshake, and he thanked his friend. It was simple yet so profound.

All today. On an ordinary day like today while there are tough conversations, bad attitudes, frustrations (on my end)–there are these gems.

The beautiful spoken into broken spaces.

Every middle schooler needs a friend like these. Every middle schooler needs a champion. Every single day they need a hero in the form of knocking down lies, real concern, and an offer for minty chocolatey drinks.

And if we’re honest with ourselves, isn’t that what we need to?

Also, my tire is now fixed and I’m out of Goodyear. God is good, y’all.




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