“This week sucked.”

I said that not once, not twice, but one million times this past week.

It’s really hard to be honest with people and tell them you had a crappy week when you really just want to say, “It’s all good in the hood!”

I would rather half smile and mutter something about being fine.

Even on these blog posts, I would like to share the humor and insight and not about the days where middle schoolers make me want to pull my hair out. Strand by strand.

I would rather tell you the funny story about the student in my 4th-period class over alllll the ones that make me sound like world’s worst teacher.

I would rather tell you the good things I ate this week over the chocolate binge that occurred most days last week.

I would rather tell you about ridiculous dating stories over the countless times I’ve felt rejected or ignored.



Or I would rather post a cuter selfie like this. #Expectation


Photo on 1-31-18 at 8.47 PM #3.jpg

Versus the one that looks like this. #Reality


Vulnerability is hard for me. Vulnerability is hard for our society.


The fear of saying for example,

“My life is nowhere near perfect.”

“My anxiety is crippling.”

“I am not sure how I will pay my bills this month.”

“This great guy I really liked suddenly decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

What would I be met with if I faced these things head on? If I put on my big girl pants and had the hard conversations with loved friends.

Because how many times have the words, “Me too.”, changed your life?

There was a whole #MeToo movement that changed the lives of millions of women. The ones who never knew they could speak out about that awful night or those horrific memories.

I have to be honest with people in my life, just like I have to have caffeine in the morning.

There are probably many things in your life that are making your week feel less than hunky dory and I would say, let’s not sit in it but let’s press into it. To be able to admit we are worn down, to be able to break into the candy drawer without judgment, to be able to cry to our co-worker + friend.

And even me attempting to end this post right now, I want it to have a neat bow at the end where I encourage the five faithful readers in my life and remind you that you have the freedom to be authentically and powerfully yourself. That you can feel (insert negative emotion here) if you need to for a little while and sometimes even longer. In fact, there is a community of women, including me, who feel it with you and who are in it with you.

So the next time you tell me or a friend that your week simply sucked, you may be met with a,

“Mine too.”



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