BUNCO Beauties.

Last Thursday we had a fundraiser for Young Lives, a ministry dedicated to helping teen moms and their babies find community and hope. To see families changed for generations to come.

The fundraiser was a BUNCO night to raise money for a camp that would allow these young moms + babies to get away for a week and experience God in a new way.


Now if you are anything like me, you might be sitting there thinking “What in the world is bunco?!”

Bunco, is a good time. That’s what bunco is.

Essentially the game is played with three dice, two sets of partners, and some paper. Easy peasy. During each set, you have to roll specific numbers and if you do roll that number, you keep going. Through the set, you keep points on your scorecard. While I felt as though I lacked skill during the game, it’s truly a game of probability and luck.

However, these women rolled up their sleeves and let the trash talk begin. I’m looking at you, Ethyl. You know what you did.

I mean Ethyl wasn’t really there, but the fierce competition was.

Along with the sassy, was the sweets. Mexican wedding cookies, brownies, and even a hot chocolate bar. (Our cuisine committee is no joke!)


The sweetest being the cause bringing us all there. Sixty women in one space all in the anticipation of young lives being changed. The teen moms, their precious littles, and their families changed forever. That is the absolute most beautiful thing. The laughter as we took in the fellowship. The tears wiped away as others realized the weight of the mission.


The women in my community graciously give their time and money to be apart of the redemptive stories happening in other young women’s lives right now. It simply amazes me.

I could go on and on about the night and the amazing, silly, courageous women who I saw with all night. But instead, let me say this-there are teen moms out there who are desperate and ready for nights like these. Nights where we commune, eat, laugh, and love.  They are at the end of their ropes to get diapers and formula, anxiously searching for joy and rest.

And I think about the young mom I sat with at dinner last night who said she is making big changes for her family, present and future because she has seen the glimpses of support, community, and hope for a different life.

Then, for the woman who spoke into my soul as she left the fundraiser and said, “You know, I too was a teen mom.”



So many beautiful hearts gathered for one purpose.


That is why we BUNCO. That is why we love teen moms.


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